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How is the Supply Chain underdstood?

In today's economy, we are sure that you have heard a lot about the term "supply chain." No matter what field you work in, a trading company, or a production company, there is a supply chain at your workplace. For many people, the term "supply chain" is quite particular, but to others, it may be new and unfamiliar. However, we…

Gonsa Pharmaceutical Company officially deploys the Warehouse Management System (WMS) of BlueYonder

To build a more accurate, speed, and scientific operating warehouse system for Gonsa, on June 27, 2019, Mr Nguyen Cam Tuan – Deputy General Director of GonSa Joint Stock Company and Mr. Tran Anh Minh Huy - General Director of Total Solutions Logistics Company Limited have officially signed the warehouse management project (WMS). Accordingly, TSL Company will be in charge…

5 benefits of TMS (Transportation Management System)

We see that the distribution system has developed very fast in recent years. All create fair competition in the market, and there, the successful business is one that applies the development of technology to provide a better experience for customers. And when it comes to the development of the distribution system, it is impossible not to mention the transportation management…

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