3PL and how to respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the whole economy in the world; it has brought a great challenge for both suppliers and 3rd logistics company (3PL). Social isolation has transformed customers' purchase behavior completely overnight, disrupting, and stressing distribution activities. In this troubled situation, the demand for customers is almost decreasing, but some essential items like food and medicine are in the peak…

8 mistakes to avoid in warehouse management

Have you ever asked yourself “ With the same a warehouse management method, but there are many high-efficiency businesses, the process of transporting goods quickly, but there are many enterprises inefficient warehouse management process?" The critical point of this problem is that the managers have to know how to control inventory activities well. In order to do this, managers need…

How supply chain logistics can better control vehicle ?

For supply chain operators, the use of the Transport Management System (TMS) is important to ensure efficient delivery of logistics operations. In the supply chain, there is a lot of exchange movement among departments, which are the links that link the supply chain and greatly impact the performance of the whole enterprise. Of course, managing the connections of many departments…

How is the Supply Chain underdstood?

In today's economy, we are sure that you have heard a lot about the term "supply chain." No matter what field you work in, a trading company, or a production company, there is a supply chain at your workplace. For many people, the term "supply chain" is quite particular, but to others, it may be new and unfamiliar. However, we…

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