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Total Solutions Logistics Company (TSL) was established to provide a comprehensive solution and barcode equipment to help your business solve logistics, warehousing, and cargo operations. The most optimal, economical and accurate way.

Technology quality
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TSL is currently the official distributor of JDA and Honeywell .
Top brand name in providing solutions for warehouse management (WMS) and Transportation management (TMS).

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Solutions and Hardware



Warehouse management system with advanced technology quality helps Vietnamese enterprises to optimize their investment level, reasonable cost, efficiency and can be combined with other systems.

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Transport management system helps businesses to transport and manage goods closely, efficiently and economically

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TSL offers a wide range of barcode, barcode integrated devices with existing systems and materials for barcode printers(labels, ribbons, RFID tags)

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Retail industry

• Managing distribution industries with specific characteristics and specifications of retail.
• Optimizing warehouse operation.
• Reducing inventory levels, cutting transportation costs .

e-Commerce industry

• Share your inventory online and offline.
• Huge order management system
• Multi-platform integration
• CAINIAO software integration.

Refrigeration industry

• Managing the list of used materials, products developed and sold to improve profits, cut unnecessary spending.

Fashion industry

• Manage closely the amount of inventory, defective goods and unpublished goods.
• Capture the amount of stock in stock to add goods or have policies to liquidate excess inventory.


• Auto / Electronics
• Domestic Logistics / Parts Logistics
• Integrated ERP / SN management Barcode management.

Pharmaceutical industry

• Management of inventory of goods, import and export activities in warehouses.

3PL solutions

• Incorporate the transfer, storage of goods, information processing and integration into the supply chain of customers.


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TSL is proud to be a leader in providing logistics solution applications in Vietnam, with leading technology quality from the US, professional cooperation, reputation and responsibility.


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