Transportation Management System (TMS)

Transportation Management System (TMS)

What is the solution of transportation management - TMS?

Transport management solutions (TMS) help businesses optimize managementand transporting goods, thereby saving operating costs and labor.


TMS - New solution for potential Logistic businesses

Although Logistic is considered a potential industry in Vietnam, Logistic must also face many challenges, especially with the competition of foreign enterprises. Therefore, the application of new and advanced technologies is an extremely important thing for Logistic enterprises to operate more effectively. With the rapid development of technology and rapidly increasing consumer demand, the industry is now focusing a strong focus on logistics. The transport sector plays an essential role of Logistic, in which, the transport management system – TMS – is at the center of it.

TMS – Transportation Management System in the supply chain management system (SCM) involves planning, implementing and optimizing cargo transport. TMS allows shippers to automate processes and receive information to save time and reduce the spending of shipments. In other words, TMS is a platform that allows users to manage and optimize the operations of the freight process.
The core function of TMS is to help the company find the right type of transport with the best freight for the shipment. The system supports effective management of shipping units, transport planning, control of shipping invoices, as well as handling of damages claims,…

The optimal transport management solution for businesses

TMS is a transport management solution that plays an important role in voyage management, freight payment and even in trading partner cooperation. The system allows users to take control of shipping operations by helping them automate the import, order creation, optimization of shipments and routes, delivery and delivery schedules, and management. service provider management, yard management and effective communication with all supply chain stakeholders.

Support for parcel transport function: In the past, TMS only focused on the delivery of raw or retail vehicles. But now, due to the rapid increase of consumers, customers expect smaller and more frequent packages from their suppliers.

International transport capacity: In the current global economy, the integration of many means of transport, multilingual, foreign currency use, etc. in a platform is essential for businesses. Logistic business.

Equipped with multimodal transport and tracking capacity: This is a method that allows businesses to transport shipments through many different means of transportation. This requires that the TMS system must provide really transparent information on the shipment as well as the calculation of transit time must be accurate.

Automatic payment of charges: Automatic fee audit and invoicing are also an integral part of the TMS system. Certainly, this will make many customers satisfied with the quick and efficient processing of payment procedures.

Transport management is an important “link” in optimizing and improving transport operations, shaping the success of a Logistics business. Therefore, the application of transport management solutions will facilitate the expansion of the company’s operating flow and add value to the whole supply chain.

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