Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

What is WMS solution?

Maintaining unreasonable inventory greatly affects production and business activities. Therefore, effective warehouse management is the solution to reduce costs and increase revenue for businesses.

Warehouse management - Math problems for businesses

Warehouse management is a job that is not simple, requiring personnel to have the skills to arrange scientific organizations appropriately to help the activities related to goods in the warehouse go smoothly. Enterprises need to gather data on the number of goods sold, actual inventory, … and observe market dynamics as well as product plans of enterprises to make adjustments as well as forecasts about demand. demand for product consumption in the future. However, the needs of users are also frequently changed, so businesses need to have appropriate warehouse management strategies so as not to fall into embarrassment when the market changes.

The goal of any warehouse is to control the transport and storage of goods as efficiently as possible. However, when the warehouse system is too large, workers and even managers will not be able to understand the processes in the warehouse in a consistent and accurate way. Therefore, a warehouse management solution is really necessary for businesses.

WMS - Essential warehouse management solution for businesses

WMS – Warehouse Management System – is a warehouse management solution used to effectively manage processes and direct operations in the warehouse, including receiving goods, locating goods in warehouses, shipping, inventory checking. warehouse. The system is designed to support and optimize warehouse functions and distribution center management, enabling maximum storage space and minimizing operations through automated in-store queue processes.
The core functions of WMS warehouse management solutions are to help managers and employees manage inventory through warehouse operations such as receiving, warehousing, loading, unloading, and shipping. />A WMS warehouse management system consists of 5 components to help complete 5 features of the system:
Warehouse management software: Warehouse management software includes available functions and common processes.
Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, and other smart electronic devices: These are tools that help businesses install, apply and use WMS.

Wireless network: Wireless network helps businesses to update the actual situation in warehouses at all times and anywhere.
Barcode printers: Depending on the desires and specific business strategies of each business, each product of each business will have different bar codes. Barcodes on each product, batch of products are integrated information about the item code, item name, supplier, unit, product origin, a serial number of the product.

Barcode scanner: Barcode scanner is responsible for connecting to the computer to read the barcode on the product, the batch of products previously created when warehousing, ex-warehousing, and even payment.
Arranging warehouses in a scientific way helps the process of searching, transporting, and importing goods to be carried out faster, saving time and energy. The arrangement and arrangement of goods and scientific materials is one of the factors that help to save warehouse space, increase labor productivity along with convenient and easy inspection, management and control. than. Warehouse management software (WMS) helps users improve the efficiency of inventory control operations.

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